Housing Weatherization Assessor/Final Inspector-Vandalia, IL

Posted: August 16, 2023

Company: C.E.F.S. Economic Opportunity Corporation

Employer Type: Professional Services

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type: Weatherization

Experience Level: Entry Level

Education Required: Associates



Salary Range: $45000-$55000

  • Obtain knowledge concerning the Federal and State rules, regulations regarding the Weatherization Program and Emergency Furnace Program, comprehending the relativity to the program operation with implementation of the regulations into the Housing operations.
  • Acquire exposure and knowledge of the Weatherization Program assessment, final inspection procedure, and energy conservation/construction terminology/techniques.
  • Perform Weatherization Assessments as requested by the Housing Technician and Housing Director.
  • Perform Quality Control Final inspections of client’s homes as requested by the Housing Technician and Housing Director.
  • Identify and coordinate work order changes and repair during final inspections.
  • Acquire knowledge and exposure al Agency Programs as requested by the Housing Technician and Housing Director.
  • Schedule, plan, and coordinate program activities.
  • Check assessments for pricing accuracy, making necessary changes and ready each assessment for data entry. Enter the assessments on the automated energy audit system. Review and authorize the work order for production.
  • Enter and track assessment and work from initiation to completion.
  • Review, authorize, plan and issue Work Orders to individual contractors to meet production needs/demands and submit report/updates to the Housing Technician.
  • Review pricing accuracy, making necessary changes, on each assessment, work order, invoice, and report discrepancies as they occur.
  • Reconcile invoices processed for payment.
  • Maintain/ensure individual client budgets are not exceeded and report discrepancies to the Housing Technician.
  • Provide appropriate coordination between Housing Director, Final Inspector, Contractor, and Housing Technician to ensure accurate dissemination of information, timely processing and application, inspections, work, and production is maintained.
  • Provide appropriate coordination between Outreach staff and Housing staff to ensure accurate dissemination of information, timely processing of application, inspection, production, and programmatic management is maintained.
  • Submit all paperwork and computations in an accurate, detailed and timely manner on purchase orders, inventory reports, and other documents to ensure programmatic compliance and accurate audit reports.
  • Work directly with all clients, vendors or contractors as required.
  • Assist contractors in reviewing completed jobs and reports submitted and research discrepancies. Alert contractors, Housing Director, and Housing Technician of unresolved discrepancies as they occur on invoices and work orders as they relate to contractors.
  • Submit all documents and computations in an accurate, detailed, and timely manner to ensure programmatic compliance and accurate audit reporting.
  • Assist Housing staff as assigned by the Housing Director and other duties and responsibilities or as program needs dictate.
  • Perform final inspections to meet Building Performance Quality Control Inspector standards.
  • Assist in the Office of Energy Assistance monitoring process to include office file reviews, field work reviews, and home reviews.
  • Attend required and relevant training.
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Desired Skills

Associate degree in applied engineering, construction trades or related field is preferred although experience which has led to the requisite skills and knowledge needed to perform the above duties may be considered in place of a degree; high school diploma or equivalent required.

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