HVAC Sales Engineer- Peoria, IL

Posted: October 05, 2023

Company: Habegger Corporation

Employer Type: Heating and Cooling

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type: HVAC Technician

Experience Level: Professional

Education Required: Bachelors


County: PEORIA

Salary Range: $65000-$75000

As an HVAC Sales Engineer, you directly impact our success as you bring in more business to our company.

You are a friendly person who can effectively network with a variety of people and build positive, professional relationships with our customers.

To foster these relationships, you organize and attend networking events such as lunch presentations, off-site customer events, and factory trips.

You consult with engineering firms and mechanical contractors to understand their business needs, and you sell our equipment as being the answer.

Attentive to detail, you personally assist our customers with selecting equipment to ensure they pick the appropriate solution for their design and budget.

You diligently answer all questions about our products, including pricing and specifications. Additionally, you organize quarterly activities such as engineering breakfasts, conferences, and product demonstrations that boost our local brand awareness. You take pride in increasing our sales and helping us better serve our customers

Desired Skills

Bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent work experience
Basic knowledge about HVAC equipment and systems
Proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, and AutoCAD
Ability to lead presentations for various HVAC topics and products
Ability to handle confidential information

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