Insulator - Decatur, IL

Posted: December 13, 2021

Company: Austin Industrial

Employer Type: Other

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type: Service/Repair

Experience Level: Mid Level

Certification Required: Other

Education Required: High School/GED


County: MACON

Salary Range: $35000-$45000

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reads blueprints and selects required insulation material.
  • Work at heights with no fear.
  • Brush adhesives on or attach metal adhesive application to insulation material.
  • Determine the amounts and selects required insulation material (in sheet, tubular, or roll form), such as fiberglass, foam rubber, Styrofoam, cork, and urethane based on material's ability to retain heat, location, surface, shape, and equipment use.
  • Using tape measure or other measuring device, measure and cut insulation material to specified size and shape for covering flat or round surfaces, using handsaw, knife, or scissors.
  • Fit, wrap or attach required insulation material around or to structure, following blueprint specifications.
  • Cover or seal insulation with preformed plastic covers, canvas strips, sealant or tape to secure insulation to the structure - according to the type of insulation used and structure covered, using staple gun, trowel, paintbrush, or caulking gun.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desired Skills

Must be able to apply, remove, and repair insulating material to exposed surfaces or structures, such as air ducts, hot or cold pipes, storage tanks, boilers and buildings to help control noise and maintain temperatures. Other duties may be assigned.

Education – no minimum education requirements.

Experience – 3-5 years of Journeyman level experience.

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