Lead Electrician- Champaign IL

Posted: June 16, 2021

Company: Edelman Inc.

Employer Type: Heating and Cooling

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type: Electrician

Experience Level: Professional

Certification Required: Other

Education Required: Bachelors



Salary Range: $55000-$65000

The Lead Electrician is expected to facilitate all aspects of a given installation. Customer/Foreman communication, set up, install and clean up are the Lead Installer responsibilities. Working with one or more assistants the Lead Electrician is required to oversee all aspects of the jobsite. If difficulties arise, they are expected to inform their Department Manager while at the same time offering up solutions to keep installations as efficient as possible and within budget while providing the customer with a high quality experience.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work: This is a full-time position, and hours of work are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4 pm. Occasional evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.


  • Maintain professional appearance and attitude always.
  • Maintains required levels of truck stock items
  • Utilize all safety precautions and wear appropriate safety equipment at all times
  • Clean truck as needed, including exterior washing and interior cleanings. Vehicle should be kept free of trash, debris, unused food and drink. Vehicle interior should be swept free from excess dirt. Vehicle interior compartments should hold all tools and equipment, keeping floor area free from falling and/or rolling items
  • Operate company vehicle following all safety standards and applicable laws
  • Ability to utilize ServiceTitan without manager help
  • Properly use all tools and ladders in a safe manner
  • Follow instructions from supervisor in a timely manner
  • Immediately report any problems with company tools or vehicles to the office
  • Work well with customers, co-workers and other subcontractors
  • Properly prepare the job site using drop cloths, moving furniture or obstructions and prepare surface areas using floor protectors
  • Clean job site. Job site should be picked up and left in a condition better or equivalent to that as when we arrived. This includes moving all trash and debris, sweeping or vacuuming site, removing all tools, parts and equipment.
  • Properly nail boxes per blueprints and building codes. Communicate with lead installer to nail boxes outside of blueprint specifications/building codes to meet owner/builder’s requests
  • Properly drill holes as instructed by lead installer
  • Properly run romex from panel to specified box location as instructed by lead installer
  • Properly run low-voltage cables from media panel to specified box location as instructed by lead installer
  • Properly loop circuits as directed by the lead installer
  • Properly tie in outlets, lights, and switches (single pole and 3-way)
  • Properly build a standard residential service and/or have the basic knowledge to install metering in a multi-family setting
  • Ability to read and follow basic blueprints
  • Ability to understand and install branch circuits to meet National Electric Code (NEC)
  • Have an understanding of how to read a voltage meter
  • Ability to accurately count up material on a project
  • Ability to complete electrical trim out in a house/apartment with minor supervision. This also requires lists of missing material/what’s left to complete per job.
  • Pick up parts, supplies and equipment from distributors in company vehicle as needed or required
  • Knowledge and Ability to read and understand complete blueprints
  • Complete necessary processes to support invoices, estimates, purchase orders, inventory, timecards and other information provided to customers, coworkers and supervisors as needed
  • Must be able to communicate ideas to supervisors and homeowners
  • Ability to utilize ProCore without manager help
  • Can work on standard replacements unassisted and unsupervised
  • The ability to problem solve on your own after a project has been handed off from the manager with limited supervision or guidance
  • Check out materials on inventory listing from warehouse
  • Use and perform workflow process on service software through mobile device
  • Obtain positive customer Google reviews
  • Properly install fire alarm to provided blueprints and understand the process from start to finish. This includes the following without help from the manager following the handoff of the project:
  • walkthrough with fire alarm contractor, coordinating all inspections required, document any changes during the install
  • Good understanding of job layout, design and organized installation of light commercial electrical projects
  • Perform all jobs to labor budgets
  • Makes sure that all work is high-quality and done to code
  • Be able to effectively run a crew professionally and efficiently
  • Able to supervise and train others
  • Knowledge & Ability to be a Project Manager on office spaces, restaurants, banks, and commercial space build outs without supervision after the handoff
  • An unsupervised leader who can meet or beat target labor hours
  • Knowledge of secondary electrical systems including planning additions or modifications on secondary circuits.
  • 1000 volt and below electrical circuits, equipment and appliances.
  • Ability to diagnose and repair electrical controls, industrial motor control centers, and programmable logic controllers for secondary systems 1000 volt and below.
  • Ability to read commercial electrical blueprints and apply NEC through the full range of commercial and industrial maintenance and construction work.
  • Ability to install and maintain motors, welding equipment, lighting fixtures, commercial generators, circuit breakers, and transformers as appropriate to the position.
  • Ability to isolate defects in wiring, switches, motors, and other electrical equipment.
  • Other duties as assigned

Desired Skills

Required Qualifications/Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years residential/commercial install experience
  • Must pass drug and background screens
  • Valid driver’s license and insurable through company insurance carrier
  • Able to communicate clearly in English both verbally and in writing
  • Possess tools necessary to perform work at Install Level 5
  • Ability to work with tools used in the job in a safe manner

Preferred Education and Experience

  • 7+years of residential/commercial electrical experience

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