Solar PV Engineer L2/L3 Peoria, IL

Posted: May 27, 2021

Company: Simpleray Solar Peoria

Employer Type: Other

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type:

Experience Level: Mid Level

Certification Required: Other

Education Required: High School/GED



Salary Range: Up to $35000

Design residential, commercial, and utility scale PV Systems utilizing remotely gathered survey data. Provide feedback to survey teams to obtain additional necessary data. Perform in person surveys as necessary for complex systems requiring On-Site Engineer Inspections. Create detailed instructions for installation crews to prevent installation errors. Provide technical sales support as necessary. Complete technical paperwork, design/cost analysis, demand/battery/consumption analysis, & interface with the balance of the engineering team on special projects.

Desired Skills

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Items marked with * are essential job functions)

  • Maintain the Simpleray standards of Safety, Quality and Production in that order.*
  • Provide design specifications for residential, commercial, and utility scale PV Systems.*
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Module Layout
  • Communications
  • Battery Backup/Self Consumption/Demand Mitigation
  • Create single line and three line drawings as necessary, including monitoring and communication systems.*
  • Maintain active knowledge on various solar technologies.*
  • Perform design calculations related to string sizing, voltage drop, current capacity, overcurrent protection, wire sizing, etc.*
  • Design flush roof mounted, ballast mounted, carport/canopy, fixed tilt ground mounted, and single-axis tracker systems.*
  • Know Federal, State, and Local ordinance and regulations required to design systems that will pass all required applications and inspections. Mastery of current NEC is required.*
  • Perform structural analysis on buildings to determine load bearing capacity.
  • Work without outside engineering firms to get drawings stamped as necessary.*
  • Work with outside engineering firms for the preparation of civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, erosion & sediment control plans, and other necessary services outside of in house engineering capabilities for projects.
  • Perform site assessments & surveys for complex locations that exceed the capabilities of survey teams.
  • Perform job functions contained on Estimator/Sr. Estimator Job Description (see below).*
  • Assist sales team with remote technical support and onsite support as needed.*
  • Assist with the creation of detailed Scope of Work Statements as needed for subcontractors.
  • Review plansets by Drafting team and provide feedback and corrections as necessary.*
  • Complete technical analysis of utility bills and demand data to determine savings data and appropriate system sizing.*
  • Travel as necessary to perform job related functions that require being in the field.
  • Perform computer simulations of PV system performance and energy production to optimize efficiency.*
  • Perform wind tunnel testing to determine ballasting requirements.
  • Import site specific data to CAD from Drone to create accurate layouts.*
  • Provide technical support and/or direction to installation teams during as necessary.*
  • Provide exact GPS coordinate locations for pile installations on ground mounted systems.
  • Provide additional engineering specifications for ancillary services sold in conjunction with PV Systems, such as service upgrades, generators, demand mitigation systems, etc.*
  • Perform value engineering during design process.*
  • Follow Simpleray technical standards during specification process.*
  • Update documents per redlines to as-built conditions.*
  • Continuing Education to maintain active knowledge of current standards and practices within the solar industry and relevant codes along with maintenance of certifications.*
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

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