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Company Trainings

Home Performance Training Series

  • Description: This training series is designed to be part of a 5 part comprehensive training which includes modules such as Combustion Safety, HVAC, Ventilation and Infrared Inspections.
  • Learn
    • Participants will be able to use the “house as a system” approach as a basis for performing energy audits;
    • Participants will be able to communicate effectively with the client and other professionals in an appropriate and professional manner;
    • Participants will be able to conduct a comprehensive visual inspection focused toward health, safety and energy efficiency;
    • Participants will be able to recognize opportunities for improvement and develop an improvement plan;
    • Participants will be able to perform diagnostic tests;
    • Participants will understand the concepts of base load usage.
  • 5 Part Training Series
    • Part 1 - Combustion Safety
    • Part 2 - Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality
    • Part 3 - Air Sealing & Insulation Techniques
    • Part 4 - HVAC Performance Testing
    • Part 5 - Infrared Inspections (Residential)

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Energy Audits

Description: Energy audits are a great tool to help you improve your home’s comfort, health and efficiency. The home performance experts at Green Homes Illinois have the specialized tools and experience to diagnose what’s making your home uncomfortable.

Free Energy Audits with Ameren Illinois Program Qualification

When you qualify for the Ameren Illinois Home Efficiency Program, you will receive a free energy audit and home assessment. Once the audit is completed a detailed work scope will be provided which will include any discounts or incentives that may cover up to 80% of the costs of the recommended upgrades. For clients who are approved through this program, Ameren Illinois will cover 100% of the costs to upgrade the insulation of your attic as well as air sealing your home!

What is Included in an Energy Audit?

  • Blower Door Test — A special high powered fan is placed in an exterior doorway to blow air out of the home. The fan creates a negative air pressure, which will draw outside air in through gaps or cracks to measure just how much air leakage is occurring.
  • Infrared Camera Imaging — While the blower door is operating, an infrared camera will be used to “see” behind walls, ceilings and other areas for differences in temperature. Those images will indicate spots of air leakage or poor insulation.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing — This test looks for indoor air pollutants, excess moisture and dangerous gases.
  • Furnace and Water Heater Safety Inspection — To ensure proper operation and ensure dangerous carbon monoxide is not leaking into your home.
  • Energy Bill Analysis — We’ll review your energy usage and consumption over the year to help pinpoint inefficiencies.

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