HVAC Service Technician-Peoria, IL

Posted: December 11, 2023

Company: Daikin Applied

Employer Type: Heating and Cooling

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type: HVAC Technician

Experience Level: Mid Level

Education Required: Associates


County: PEORIA

  • Perform maintenance of HVAC unitary and applied equipment including logging machines, cleaning coils, brushing tubes, replacing filters, replacing belts and proper lubrication:.
  • Perform troubleshooting, intermediate independent & supported diagnostics, troubleshooting, pipefitting, and brazing of CAT II equipment.
  • Repair and replacement of defective equipment, components, or wiring including, but not limited to CAT II and III equipment: VFDs, boilers, electrical and refrigerant circuits, screw, scroll, and reciprocal compressors, rooftop systems up to 150 tons, and scroll chillers up to 200 tons.
  • Beginner-Intermediate level proficiency in independent troubleshooting of CAT II and III equipment. Introduction to centrifugal chillers and CAT I equipment.
  • Conduct warranty service application by independently inspecting and testing systems to verify functionality related to scroll chillers, rooftop units up to 150 tons, and all Category II and III equipment.
  • Perform start up by verifying functionality of new CAT II & III equipment. Educate customers on proper use of equipment, maintenance schedule, and operating manual.
  • Lead the rebuild of a CAT II and III level unit. Direct Level I technicians through hands-on demonstrations of all necessary steps. Introduced to centrifugal rebuilds from Lead and Level III technicians.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in appearance, verbal, and written communication. Interact with customer by offering status reports of service before, during, and after each call. Explain technical information to technical and non-technical audience.
  • Communicate potential sales opportunities to Service Sales Representative through the tech tip program.
  • Responsible for mentoring Level I service technicians and trains on scroll chillers, micro-techs, and CAT II & III equipment.
  • Record and report billing, inventory, timecards, technician tip reports, and other articles as required in a timely manner
  • Basic data entry and ability to navigate the use of email, internet, word processing programs. Download programs into CAT II equipment and Micro controllers. Analyze equipment trend data to ensure optimal performance.

Desired Skills

  • Associate degree or equivalent from two-year college or technical school, with a certificate in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.
  • 3+years related experience with increasing responsibility; or 5+ related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Valid driver's license and acceptable driving record
  • State license or certifications as required by market
  • EPA approved Universal Technician Certification required, as necessary

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